Daphne Arthur | Oct 14 – Nov 11, 2010

14 October, 2010
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 Beyond Boundaries

2 Arthur

RARE Gallery is pleased to announce a one-person exhibition of new multi-media works by Daphne Arthur entitled Beyond Boundaries. The show, which runs from October 14 through November 11, marks the artist’s solo debut and first exhibition since graduating from the Yale University School of Art in 2009.

Arthur’s work, which analyzes archetypes of society and culture through a deconstructive lens, can be described as a rebellion or resistance to the traditional articulation of space-related art and its subjects and themes. The generic figures in her analysis express a subversive reaction to generally accepted or received points of view on sexual mores, religious expression, and cultural identity. Arthur’s characters exist in a fictional and fantastic world in which their gestures are playful and reflect a freedom from day-to-day constraints that the artist suggests are a result, at least in part, of our daily lives being “surveilled and governed.”

Complementing Arthur’s exploration of complex psychological spaces where emotions, feelings, familiar experiences, and the assimilation of vast quantities of personal information are in constant flux, is her manipulation of traditional views of politicized space. By fusing the two-dimensional with the three-dimensional, she defies the typical separations between painting and sculpture, and between these two disciplines and drawing, collage, and photography, choosing instead to immerse the viewer in a fluid, shifting holistic environment that emphasizes context over form.

In confronting the expansive issues of social and cultural identity, Arthur’s method is still very personal. Her Venezuelan and Trinidadian heritage certainly has contributed to her focus on identity, yet she eschews labels and rejects cultural categorizations. She views both as precursors to the stereotyping of processes, identities, religions, and life styles, which in turn limit, narrow, and flatten the multi-faceted complexities we all intrinsically possess.

Preferring to experience the world through “an uncensored scope,” Arthur chooses to view people and their experiences not through limiting comparisons but rather in terms of a relative purity that does not assume or dictate a path that must be followed. Her art asks us to ask ourselves what it means to be human, posing the question and challenging us to find our own answers.

Arthur received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007, and her MFA from the Yale University School of Art in 2009. She has participated in several group exhibitions in New York City and Chicago. In 2009 she was named an Al Held Affiliate Fellow of The American Academy of Rome. Her show at RARE is her first one-person gallery exhibition.

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