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Leslie Lyons & J.B. Wilson | Sept 10 – Oct 8

20 October, 2015
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Collateral Culture: New Tile Works by Leslie Lyons & J.B. Wilson

Lyons & Wilson-Collateral Culture (install 1)

RARE is pleased to introduce Collateral Culture, Leslie Lyons and J.B. Wilson’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.  The artists align themselves with curious aspects of cultural antiquity to present two types of contemporary tile installations that comment on humanity’s decadent tendencies as well as its quest for purity.

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Updates Fall/Winter 2015

12 September, 2015
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  • September 17-20 | Jimmy Joe Roche’s film LEATHER to be screened at Sydney Underground Film Festival
  • through September 19 | Aaron Holz in The Fantasy of Representation at Beers Contemporary, London, UK
  • through September 26 | Jimmy Joe Roche and Johnston Foster in Dirty Work Dirt Dogs at Gallery5, Richmond, VA
  • through October 11 | Aaron Holz in Art Seen at Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE
  • through November 1 | Dionisios Fragias in Philoxenia at Museum of Contemporary Art Chania – Olivepress, Crete
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Johnston Foster | May 28 – July 30

29 May, 2015
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Hidden Driveway: New Works by Johnston Foster

Foster-Hidden Driveway (install 1)

RARE is pleased to present Hidden Driveway, Johnston Foster’s sixth one-person exhibition (in twelve years) at the gallery.  The artist’s new floor and wall sculptures are emblematic of his creative process of scavenging for discarded materials and tinkering with them as they take shape organically.

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Jin Lim | Oct 15 – Nov 12

28 May, 2015

Our Pixelated Holographic Universe: New Paintings by Jin Lim

Lim-Our Pixelated (install 1)
RARE Gallery is pleased to present Our Pixelated Holographic Universe, Washington, D.C.-based artist Jin Lim’s solo debut in New York.  Her new series of mixed media paintings explores the fascinating concept that we and our three-dimensional world are mere holographic reconstructions.

The holographic theory, advocated by many leading physicists, posits that the complete description of our entire world is encoded in pixels in a boundary surface at the edge of the universe, and that the information encoded in these pixels is scrambled, much like a hologram’s surface.  Inspired by this theory, Lim questions whether we are real or nothing more than simulations living in a simulated reality.  Are we any more real than the images of ourselves on a TV or computer screen?  In fact, could the pixelated two-dimensional images on the screen be more real than the smooth, ordered three-dimensional world we perceive ourselves to be living in?

The artist’s creative process bears a mimetic relationship to elements of the holographic principle.  To depict the pixelated representation of the two-dimensional edge of the universe, Lim paints with a clear gel on a TV or computer screen.  Via the processes of refraction, diffraction, and light interference – the very same processes at play in holography – the gel distorts and scrambles individual pixels and entire images.  As a carefully chosen movie scene replays over and over, Lim photographs the images as they fleetingly come together.  She typically transfers the digital images to her canvas by printing them directly on the surface.

The painted components of Lim’s works are rendered either on the canvas or on attached museum board, which lifts the imagery into the third dimension.  They represent the smooth and orderly, if simulated, three-dimensional world.  The mixed media nature of these paintings raises the still unanswered question of what transforms two-dimensional holographic reality into the three-dimensional reconstructions that we know as our own reality.

Lim received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, and a Master of Education in Arts in Education from Harvard University in 2010. During 2015, she participated in group exhibitions at Sarah Spurgeon Gallery (Washington), Visual Arts Center at Marshall University (West Virginia), and A.D. Gallery at University of North Carolina.  The exhibition at RARE is her first gallery solo show.



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Updates Spring/Summer 2015

18 March, 2015
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  • April 6 – May 7 | Daphne Arthur at Harbor Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Boston
  • April 9 – May 9 | Johnston Foster, Dionisios Fragias, Eamon O’Kane at La MaMa Galleria, 47 Great Jones Street, NYC
  • April 18 – May 16 | Christina Shurts in collaboration with Tandie Mast at Launch LA, Los Angeles, CA
  • April 22 | Red Bull documentary on Johnston Foster, part of Diplo Presents: @LARGE – Creators at Work series, to air on
  • April 30 – May 3 | Jimmy Joe Roche’s short film, Leather, in Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
  • Summer 2015 | Eamon O’Kane in group shows at Galleri Christoffer Egelund (Copenhagen) and Gallery Baton (Seoul)
  •  June 21 – October 11 | Aaron Holz in Art Seen at Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, NE
  • July 30 – September 1 | Aaron Holz in The Fantasy of Representation at Beers Contemporary, London, UK
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Dionisios Fragias | April 23 – May 21

19 September, 2014
in Past

Rush to Fill: New Works by Dionisios Fragias

Fragias-Rush to Fill (install 1)

RARE is pleased to present Rush to Fill, Dionisios Fragias’ fourth one-person exhibition at the gallery. The artist’s new sculptures and “hybrid” paintings continue his exploration of humanity’s competing and parallel tendencies toward creation and destruction.  The works in this show focus on a specific area of man’s duality – the propensity to take action and dominate when he senses a void in any sphere of society.  Whether the vacuum to be filled allows for the furtherance of a cultural or scientific agenda, or the gap being plugged permits exploitative and abusive uses of power, Fragias suggestively presents both sides of the same coin.

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Closed Eye Visions | March 19 – April 16

18 September, 2014
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Closed Eye Visions: New Works by Jimmy Joe Roche


Roche-Closed Eye Visions (install view 1)

RARE is pleased to present Closed Eye Visions, Jimmy Joe Roche’s third one-person exhibition at the gallery.  The artist’s new video, series of drawings, and paper & wood sculptures continue his multi-faceted engagement with cultural and aesthetic motifs that find their roots in Surrealism, Op art, performance, cinema, meditation, music, and the digital realm.

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Instants | February 12 – March 12

7 September, 2014
in Past

Instants: New Paintings by Maya Brodsky


Brodsky-Instants (install 1)

RARE Gallery is pleased to present Instants, Maya Brodsky’s second one-person exhibition at the gallery.  Her new series of paintings on panel explores notions of home in relation to the passage of time, the inevitability of change, and her solitary observations.

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