Fresh! | January 8 – February 5

6 September, 2014
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Fresh!: New Paintings & Works on Paper by Suzanne Unrein


Unrein-Fresh! (install view 1)

RARE Gallery is pleased to present Fresh!, Suzanne Unrein’s third one-person exhibition at the gallery.  The artist’s new series of erotically charged yet intimately tender paintings and works on paper evokes a world where animals seem to co-exist peacefully with humans, human relationships appear to be idyllic, and peace and serenity ostensibly reign within a Garden of Eden-like environment.

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Quiet Please | November 20 – December 30

5 September, 2014
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Quiet Please: New Works by Seven Artists


Quiet Please (install view 1)


RARE Gallery is pleased to present Quiet Please, a group exhibition featuring contemplative new works by artists Holly Coulis, Matthew F Fisher, Carrie Gundersdorf, Mike Hein, Elisa Lendvay, Matthew Northridge, and Jason Silva.  The show was organized by Matthew F Fisher in collaboration with the gallery.

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Santiago Cal | October 16 – November 13

4 September, 2014
in Past

Giants and Gentility


RARE Gallery is pleased to present Giants and Gentility, Nebraska artist Santiago Cal’s solo debut in New York.  His series of painted wood sculptures begun in 2013, titled “40 Rings,” explores the intertwining of global events with personal memories and family stories during his first 40 years, from 1973 to 2013.  Cal’s decision to filter worldwide occurrences meaningful to him through the prism of family life and history allows him to interpret these events without literally illustrating them, thereby imparting an allegorical cast to each work.

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Zach Horn | September 11 – October 9

3 September, 2014
in Past

Kids These Days

Horn-Kids These Days (install view 1)

RARE Gallery is pleased to present Kids These Days, Boston artist Zach Horn’s solo debut in New York.  His new series of colored pencil and graphite drawings is based on absurd, bizarre, and zany thoughts that course through his mind on a daily basis.  Rather than giving in to silliness, Horn treats his “ridiculous thoughts” with great patience, reverence, and control, bestowing on them much love, thus leaving the viewer enriched by having encountered them.

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Fin(n)ish | June 26 – August 7

14 June, 2014
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Fin(n)ish: Fresh Contemporary Art from Finland

RARE is pleased to present Fin(n)ish: Fresh Contemporary Art from Finland, our end-of-season group exhibition of six emerging artists who live and work in Finland.  With show producer Aleksi Tammi, the gallery shines a light on the vital contemporary Finnish art scene unfamiliar to most American art audiences.

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Brett Williams | May 22 – June 20

15 April, 2014
in Past

Artifact of the Equinox


RARE is pleased to present Artifact of the Equinox, Philadelphia artist Brett Williams‘ New York solo debut.  Williams’ installation, affectingly titled Untitled, which takes up virtually the entire floor space of the gallery, seeks to enchant visitors by conveying them to an alien, yet familiar, place.

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Kevin Mack | April 17 – May 15

14 April, 2014
in Past

Pagan Knights & The Vertigo


RARE Gallery is pleased to present Pagan Knights & The Vertigo, Philadelphia artist Kevin Mack‘s first solo show in New York.  Neither fully painting nor sculpture, Mack’s skillfully and meticulously crafted works afford a dizzying sensory experience of color, form, and content.  Although the works appear to be driven by a figure-ground relationship, the subjects seem to focus on the ironies of the conversation taking place among the disparate elements comprising each piece as well as among the works themselves.

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